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Topic subjectprobably. but i dunno.
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12764332, probably. but i dunno.
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Mar-26-15 03:57 PM
>There may be some programs at Howard that are on par or
>better than USC's.

could be.

>The social side is also important. We had a lot of black
>students at my school but the school generally wasn't very
>supportive of students, minorities in particular.

the school was pretty supportive of our social lives in the 1st yr or so. we had lots of planned but not forced social activities that gave us a chance to bond w/our peers. i made friends i still have today.

>I feel like the guys at HBCU's generally had alot more
>camaraderie and their administrations wanted to see them
>succeed. At mine, the professors generally would rather be
>doing research than teaching and you were on your own to find
>a support network.

the professors at my school were very accessible.

>A completed degree is still more valuable than an incomplete
>one so you have to be real about what you need to get to the
>finish line.