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Topic subjecti have family who graduated from lower ranked schools
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12764224, i have family who graduated from lower ranked schools
Posted by SoWhat, Thu Mar-26-15 03:16 PM
and i am confident saying they didn't receive as rigorous education as i received at my alma mater. i have a cousin who graduated from a local STL university and sent me her resume to edit as she applied for jobs. i wanted to cry - the shit read like it was written by someone w/a 10th grade education. i didn't know how to fix it w/o completely rewriting it. b/c everything in it was wrong. everything.

meanwhile i learned how to prepare a resume at my alma mater. the right way. i ended up giving her some of the material i had from my school and letting her re-do the thing herself.

but that's just one example - a friend is currently finishing his undergrad degree at a local Chicago institution and he complains about the students in his classes. mainly he says they're just not as smart as the students at the Big 10 school where he started his undergrad education.

these are just a couple of examples. i don't usually get involved in arguments that all college education is the same. i just let ppl believe that if they want.