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Topic subjectI think this concept has been taken a little too far
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12764204, I think this concept has been taken a little too far
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Thu Mar-26-15 03:08 PM
There are differences betwen undergrad institutions. The concepts are the same and IF YOU DO WELL, your choice of school will have little impact on your opportunities.

But what it takes to do well can be very different between schools. The workload, available resources and quality of students can be very different.

I mean, I got an engineering degree from MD and I've known or met engineering students at several HBCU's

I'd say FAMU's engineering education was on par with MD (but FAMU's engineering school is FSU). NC A&T was on par.

Howard, in my opinion, was not. The people I saw that transferred in said they were doing WAY more work at MD than they ever had to do at Howard. My cousin is there with a 3.8 and I know he's not getting as deep as I did at Maryland.

If you did really well at both, you could still get into just about any grad program you wanted, but I feel you'd be better prepared coming out of MD or any other school that has a rigourous engineering program.