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Topic subjectwhite mans books are inherently more knowledgy.
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12764010, white mans books are inherently more knowledgy.
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Mar-26-15 01:35 PM
for my USC is OBVIOUSLY a better school then Howard! types

I will grant that in the advanced sciences or fields, your typical PWI has more money & facilities to really expand the knowledge in the field, so serious students in the graduate or PHD courses would go to that institution rather than the best of the HBCUs. i will grant that.

but undergrad?

no niggas.


the shit they are learning in Freshman English 101 @ Harvard is of the same quality and caliber & level as the shit being taught in its equivalent @ Howard or SpelHouse.

no Harvard isnt better than Howard & idgaf what us news & world reports rankings say.

in fact for obvious reasons I submit that Howard is clearly the better school esp for your typical lost in the sauce trying to figure out their life ass teenger of the Black persuasion.

now. talk amongst yourselves. i have weights to lift.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?