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Topic subjectToday's Discrimination Update: Indiana
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12763911, Today's Discrimination Update: Indiana
Posted by Cam, Thu Mar-26-15 12:26 PM
Gov. Mike Pence signs 'religious freedom' bill in private

Gov. Mike Pence signed a controversial "religious freedom" bill on Thursday morning during a private ceremony in his Statehouse office.

Pence almost immediately began defending the law, saying at a news conference that the law was not a consolation prize for conservative groups who failed to pass a bill last year to add an amendment to the Indiana constitution banning same-sex marriage.

The Poor-
Indiana Supreme Court: Schools don't have to bus students

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that public schools are not constitutionally required to bus students to and from school.

The ruling further clarifies state law, which already permitted public school corporations to opt out of providing transportation services