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Topic subjectJust lost Peoria, i'm told. (c) Rep. Aaron Schock
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12754406, Just lost Peoria, i'm told. (c) Rep. Aaron Schock
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Mar-17-15 03:17 PM


i assume it's b/c something even more damaging is/was going to be revealed. and no, not his being gay b/c errbody already knows about that. but maybe som'n else. it couldn't be the gay thing.
12754418, Word I'm hearing is that he ain't know when to stop taking...
Posted by CRichMonkey, Tue Mar-17-15 03:27 PM
And that his gift accepting antics were over the top for a nigga with his tenure and not a lot of juice.

He'll be aiight tho... he'll be hosting a 4:00 show on MSNBC in a year. They'll make him the conservative Anderson Cooper/Joe Scarborough and he and his life partner will come out in ten years.

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12754421, likely so.
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Mar-17-15 03:29 PM
he's quite hampsome and young - i think he can get a tv gig if he wants.
12754712, Scarborough is the conservative Scarborough
Posted by Cam, Tue Mar-17-15 08:43 PM
12754420, i just read something about it
Posted by MrThomas43423, Tue Mar-17-15 03:28 PM
i think he was getting write offs and tax breaks in excess of 90,000 miles off his company car that he billed to the gov't. not sure how much that translates to in money. but if you get caught for writing off your car and then resign, its only cause there's more shit about to hit the fan.
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12754422, lots of spending shenanigans
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Mar-17-15 03:30 PM
he had been alleged to have misused campaign funds for office decoration and expensive travel for himself and some employees and interns, plus some funny biz w/his travel reimbursement for personal vehicles. that kind of drama shouldn't be enough to force a resignation.

12754728, where was he driving? oontz, oontz, oontz, oontz
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Mar-17-15 09:21 PM
12754427, Damn, who's gonna get his Downton Abbey office furniture?
Posted by AnaStezia, Tue Mar-17-15 03:35 PM
12754437, Oooh. Me! Me! Me!
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Mar-17-15 03:40 PM
12754521, *plays the theme music*
Posted by poetx, Tue Mar-17-15 04:55 PM

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12754531, Mileage overclaim?!
Posted by Ted Gee Seal, Tue Mar-17-15 05:09 PM
12754556, the gay bars in his district are spread out. Lotsa miles (err...kilometers) to cover.
Posted by SoWhat, Tue Mar-17-15 05:38 PM
12754713, funnily enough, we still say mileage here
Posted by Ted Gee Seal, Tue Mar-17-15 08:49 PM
Probably just because kilometerage sounds stupid.

I agree with there being more to come. You can say sorry and come back from that. Must be something else in the background.
12756185, over $3M in campaign funds, which he can keep, and a pension
Posted by Cam, Thu Mar-19-15 09:16 AM

As of Dec. 31, the last reporting date Schock cash-on-hand balances in his political funds totaled $3,354,228:

-Schock for Congress, $3,290,781.

-GOP Generation Y, $36,285.

-Schock Victory Fund, $27,162.

Schock’s base salary is $174,000. The pension for a lawmaker in Schock’s category is calculated by this formula: salary x years of service x .017; for Schock it’s $174,000 x 6 x .017 = $17,748.