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Topic subjectThis useless ass work trip to Mexico, part II
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12754111, This useless ass work trip to Mexico, part II
Posted by Very-Effortless, Tue Mar-17-15 12:57 PM
Part I: http://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=4&topic_id=12752748&mesg_id=12752748&page=2

Part II:

So this morning I wake up to an email from one of the two people I'm supposed to meet with. They re-orged his dept and he's no longer on the project. Passes me off to someone who knows nothing but I'm thinking "that's okay because Maria l will be in the meeting."

Get to their offices and someone forgets to put a wet floor sign down outside the elevator. I get off the elevator and take a huge fall. Oh, and my work cell phone was in my hand that broke the fall... So there goes international data and phone calls. and then the maria comes down for 5 seconds: "oh, I'm sorry... I have too many meetings today. I can't meet with you"

Heiffa- meet with those other people later. I had to get a fucking passport stamp for this meeting and you're begging off. Mind you, I scheduled this meeting OVER A MONTH AGO! Why the fuck were you double booking around it any damn ways.

So I meet for 20 minutes with a guy who knows nothing because Maria hasn't told him shit and his predecessor didn't show him shit and I can't even show him anything cause my work laptop bit the dust in Dallas. we head to the event facility only to find out the chick who works HERE didn't show up for work today (she also has known about the meeting for a month) and no one else speaks enough English to help us.

Long story short, I have been here for 2.5 days and accomplished not a damn thing except breaking my cell phone.

And my flight leaves in 4 hours and I'm an for from the airport so I have to leave soon.

I'm so pissed. I would have much rather gone back to NYC after Dallas than come to Mexico City and have my time wasted for two days.
12754135, I dont miss that life
Posted by DaHeathenOne76, Tue Mar-17-15 01:06 PM
Way back in the stone age I was an internal auditor for one of the big 3.

Flying to west bumfuck iowa just to get brushed off...TUH

At least you got some sun and warm weather.

Presenting Collective Peace.

12754136, Next project work with Germans.
Posted by MEAT, Tue Mar-17-15 01:06 PM
12754142, At least Germans are efficient as hell.
Posted by Very-Effortless, Tue Mar-17-15 01:09 PM
I bet they don't skip their meetings
12754145, And their culture cares about punctuality.
Posted by MEAT, Tue Mar-17-15 01:12 PM
I've heard horror stories since school about the Mexican/South American professional culture (not ethic). How different it is. I don't think I could hack it.