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Topic subjectBut how does Chuy do any of the things he says he'll do?
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12754124, But how does Chuy do any of the things he says he'll do?
Posted by CRichMonkey, Tue Mar-17-15 01:03 PM
How does he stop closing schools that are underutilized? How does he pay to keep them open?

How does he break the city's contract with the company that runs the red light cameras? Where does the money come from to pay for it and where is the money coming from to make up the lost revenue from them?

How is he going to hire 1,000 new cops if he's talking about taking OT from cops already on the street? How does he pay the OT which the city ran through by the end of Q2 last year?

How does he keep all of his magical promises to the people of Chicago?

No one's told me his plan.

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