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Topic subjectyou ever have repeated cases of seemingly serendipitous connections?
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12753275, you ever have repeated cases of seemingly serendipitous connections?
Posted by Somnus, Mon Mar-16-15 05:39 PM
lol I'm not even sure if that question was worded right but you know what I mean, like you ever have constant de ja vu or think of something & have somebody youre sitting next to make mention of the very same thing you was just thinking bout, whether it be a word, phrase, idea etc? Of course you have.

or reach for your phone to call someone and have the person call you two seconds before you dial their #? Of course you have.

Yeah yeah, I'm fully aware that our brains are designed to pick up on patterns nsuch & attribute great significance to these simply coincidental occurrences but...what if these typa things happened All. THE. TIME? Not once in a blue, but like daily, hourly even.

What then?

Chalk it up to what natural phenomena?


edit: googled it. serendipity wasn't exactly the word I was looking for but oh well, I aint changing it.