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Topic subjectNever Trust a Black Man in a Bowtie
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12752835, Never Trust a Black Man in a Bowtie
Posted by Starks dunked on Bulls, Mon Mar-16-15 12:43 PM
12752923, Joe is wild for the night
Posted by 13Rose, Mon Mar-16-15 01:29 PM
12752938, glad the nba cracked down on that. its disgusting
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 01:37 PM
Especially egregious when it happens on fadeaways. Even if the intent isn't to explicitly injure, the intent is to distract the shooter into worrying about his landing as opposed to his follow through..injury is a reasonable expectation. I could see a defender doing this once/twice in his career by accident.

Bowen knew exactly what he was doing. It was 'legal' at the time so he shouldn't play all innocent. This the same nigga that dropkicked wally scerbiak.
12752942, You talking about sliding a foot under the jump shooter?
Posted by 8-bit, Mon Mar-16-15 01:39 PM
I didn't watch because work, but if that's what it is then yeah... that's some asshole shit.
12752991, yeah thats what it is.
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 02:10 PM
12752974, typical dirtbag spur
Posted by T Reynolds, Mon Mar-16-15 01:59 PM
12752980, he was a dirty piece of shit...
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Mar-16-15 02:03 PM
and every team needs one of those guys.
12752983, He was a dirty player.
Posted by Case_One, Mon Mar-16-15 02:04 PM

"Today is your day to have a better life -- it's your right."
12753016, as someone who has rolled my ankles hella times playing ball..
Posted by Amritsar, Mon Mar-16-15 02:29 PM
FUCK that dude for life
12753031, I'm a Spurs fan but someone should've busted his ass for that
Posted by J_Stew, Mon Mar-16-15 02:39 PM
Coming down on someone's foot is the worst, I've had my ankle swell up to the size up a grapefruit because of that. Had to take my best friend to the ER because he landed on my foot in a pick up game(I blocked his shot too and talked shit to him the whole ride to the hospital).
12753091, what year was that? trying to determine if it was a foul or not.
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 03:14 PM
12753058, Thought this was a post taking a shot at the 'N.O.I'
Posted by vee-lover, Mon Mar-16-15 02:58 PM
12753095, here we go, smh
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 03:17 PM
12753118, DAMN!!!!!!!! He kicked dude flush in his jaw....
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-16-15 03:27 PM
what kinda penalty did he receive? Do you recall?
12753121, um just a personal foul at first apparently
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 03:29 PM

NEW YORK (AP) - Bruce Bowen of the San Antonio Spurs was fined $7,500 by the NBA on Sunday for kicking the Minnesota Timberwolves' Wally Szczerbiak in the face.

Bowen's foul, early in the third period of Friday night's game, also was reclassified by the league office as a flagrant foul.

With 7:55 remaining in the third period and the Spurs leading 52-41, Szczerbiak drove against Bowen and faked him into the air. Bowen's leg flew into Szczerbiak's face, catching him just below his right eye. The Spurs won 85-77.

Both the fine and foul reclassification were announced by Stu Jackson, the NBA's senior vice president for basketball operations.

That's at least ejection +1 game now and multiple if you got Ndamakong Bowen history
12753138, smh @ leg flew into Sczerbiak's face...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-16-15 03:34 PM
dude caught a straight sole to the cheekbone.
12753141, lol amarillo.com.....enuff said.
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 03:36 PM
12753143, shit
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Mar-16-15 03:37 PM
12753098, Broke franchise foot like he was on stage at the club
Posted by Cenario, Mon Mar-16-15 03:19 PM
12753218, Everytime it rains....I feel it
Posted by TR808, Mon Mar-16-15 04:34 PM
F***K that N***A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!