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Topic subjectMaaaaan...that's ATL flight attendants period/ #FlyingDrunk
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12748223, Maaaaan...that's ATL flight attendants period/ #FlyingDrunk
Posted by ALmighty44, Wed Mar-11-15 12:21 PM
When we were Air Tran I used to looooooooooove working those ATL flights abs since that was our hub it was pretty much all of them.

Me and this dude got trapped by a baby dump. Plane was 10 minutes from landing so nobody could get up, baby behind us starts crying, I sniffed, he looked at me, I looked at him, we bonded over the pain that our nose hairs were going through at that moment

Al's Travel Fact: never think it's okay to finish a fifth of aƱejo on a 4 flight. 90 proof rum and 36,000 feet of altitude do NOT mix #RugRuined

Btw...Southwest is taking up a Toronto route next year. Caribana here I come! *high five, eh*