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Topic subjectpositive friday
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12744028, positive friday
Posted by GirlChild, Fri Mar-06-15 11:55 AM
dedicated to those chi-town twinsies. i wish i could come there and cuddle with them. they make me miss those days, but not those diaper explosions.

this week started off rough but is ending nicely. an old friend from NC came through and helped me with some mold making. now i know how to use this material on my own and this morning i made my first hand on my own. i'll need to keep practicing to refine my skills and i also need to cast some older hands. i'm becoming excited about this project again and how much i'm learning doing these molds. next up is getting black soap made.

i got to see some friends on wednesday for drinks, which was nice even if it was a short visit. even though i live here, i feel like an outsider in the art scene.

a got an arty friend in town staying with us for a few days. K is having so much fun with her, asking her to play trains,lol. we're taking her to our weekly zoo trip.

art making all weekend and then an opening.

have a good one.
12744038, it's someone's birthday today
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Fri Mar-06-15 12:01 PM
someone dear to me
we no longer speak
but I am sending birthday wishes
I hope they receive even a drop of the happiness I feel right now
I want that for them deeply.

It's funny
how the littlest things change your life
the most unexpected people become the most important.

I am happy and I hope y'all are too.
Feliz Friday!!!
12744051, got done incredibly dirty this week
Posted by teefiveten, Fri Mar-06-15 12:14 PM
but i'm going to rise above it
i also had to get loud at my construction meeting
things aren't getting better
but it looks like we have a game plan and support

i just want this work week to be over

but i did what i threatened to do
got a train ticket to montreal
going to have a solo adventure

get some musical inspiration

and this weekend i'm going to give my apartment the scrubbing it needs

12744091, the week started off not promising
Posted by lfresh, Fri Mar-06-15 12:50 PM
ending a bit better

*sigh * Happy Friday Folks
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