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Topic subjectRadio host says Black lawmakers should be ‘hanging from a noose’ -
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12742516, Radio host says Black lawmakers should be ‘hanging from a noose’ -
Posted by DavidHasselhoff, Wed Mar-04-15 05:24 PM
for boycotting Netanyahu’s speech.
12742521, Slightly different note: How does we must support Israel for our own
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Mar-04-15 05:29 PM
security argument go?

Like what is our interest in protecting Israel other than Humanitarian (which there are alot of countries that would fit that bill) or pleasing a strong lobby?

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12742540, support for Israel is less about humanitarianism or
Posted by SoWhat, Wed Mar-04-15 05:45 PM
AIPAC than it's about having an ally in the oil-rich Middle East. despite the USA having doled out billions in cash and weapons and other aid to almost every nation in that region, Israel is the USA's primary (if not sole) ally in that region. meaning Israel is the only country over there w/any juice that will jump when the USA says 'jump'. Kuwait is there but has no juice, really.

12742552, kuwait was helpful AF for starting the iraq war.
Posted by poetx, Wed Mar-04-15 05:55 PM
(well, providing the bullshit premise that bushco used to start that bullshit war).

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12742550, -good for selling planes/weapons
Posted by Riot, Wed Mar-04-15 05:53 PM
-good for sharing spy secrets
-good for making moves that US cant do directly, and vice versa (see- iran contra arms smuggling)