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Topic subjectIf you don't wanna be here, stay dat azz away!!!!!
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12740121, If you don't wanna be here, stay dat azz away!!!!!
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Mon Mar-02-15 07:14 PM
J/K but not really. I really do feel like too many people move to L.A. and complain about EEEEEEEVVERY every every every single little thing. And 80% of the complaints can be translated into "It's not New York!" And not because NY is actually better in each and every way, but trivial dumb shit!

For example....why do people from the East Coast visit and complain about clubs ending at 2AM....yet they still complain about the fact that there is a three hour time change? That means it feels like 5AM when the club ends! They get tired at Midnight anyway!

Or they really complain about the weather, on some "I hate being in L.A. during the Holidays because it doesn't feel like Christmas if I can wear shorts outside and go to the beach. It's no snow or anything!"

But yeah...if you actually want to be here, or are open to enjoying it, you easily can and will. Otherwise....make that one way ticket a two way ticket.