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Topic subjectRE: Los Angeles.
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12739909, RE: Los Angeles.
Posted by Mongo, Mon Mar-02-15 04:04 PM
>What do you do?
>How do you live?
>What do you need around you?
>I am around of ton of NY transplants.. there will always be
>love for NY but most of em are over living there... at least
>right now.. me included..

Write. Graphics (print and video). VFX. Edit.

I actually get paid pretty well to do it. Am in a union. It supports my family.

I don 't know wtf I need anymore. LOL. I'm an asshole New Yorker to the bone gristle, but lately, I feel like I could use an extended change of pace. Raise my kid close to the Pacific. Send him to a good school. Makes sure he claims a set of Piru with progressive principles and good job placement.

I haven't been to LA in stupid long...