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Topic subjectthat's wonderful. very glad to hear that it worked out for you and
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12739981, that's wonderful. very glad to hear that it worked out for you and
Posted by poetx, Mon Mar-02-15 04:44 PM
i pray that things continue to go well for y'all. great news about your daughter's recovery. this will be a good story for you to tell her and her brother one day.

to this day, we still bust out the story of when my oldest was a baby, and had a double ear infection and it was snowing in NC, and our only car got repo'd on Christmas Eve. (they took it like late in the night as dec 23rd turned into dec 24th).

we robbed the piggy bank for cab fare to the pediatricians. then walked across the street to go to some grocery store and bounce a check to get her prescription, some food to last us while we were stuck, and cash back for the cab home. at the time, that was one of the lowest points in my life. (i'd been through worse financial times, but being almost unable to take care of my sick daughter was like a next level feeling of failure). but fast forward 20-some yrs and that's a source of encouragement and affirmation that things can and do get better.

glad you and the missus get to take some time, also. that's important.

peace & blessings,



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