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Topic subjectI am ordering a pretzel crust Pizza Hut pizza.
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12735418, I am ordering a pretzel crust Pizza Hut pizza.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Feb-24-15 11:41 PM
After a brief poll on Facebook and Twitter, during which I received mostly positive feedback, I have decided to order this. I had a hard day and I am mildly baked, so I DESERVE THIS DAMMIT.

(Please be good.)
12735429, You are obviously high but it's very good
Posted by Ryan M, Wed Feb-25-15 12:25 AM
12735443, i hate pizza hut but that shit gave me pause like gus johnson, man
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Feb-25-15 02:13 AM
looked pretty good.

let us know how it is.
12735446, It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Feb-25-15 02:40 AM
Pizza Hut pizza. Pretzelified crust.

I enjoyed it. Though I feel like death now because it also came with free cheese sticks.
12735447, but what is the preztel like? super pretzel? that's what i fear most.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Feb-25-15 02:50 AM
12735468, thanks....i came in here JUST to see someone say this
Posted by Calico, Wed Feb-25-15 08:12 AM
OKP never lets me down...
12735475, 2-25-2015
Posted by Mgmt, Wed Feb-25-15 08:25 AM
The day I have officially heard it all