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Topic subjectI have no confidence that I am personally.
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12735631, I have no confidence that I am personally.
Posted by TheAlbionist, Wed Feb-25-15 11:03 AM
I always did well at school and in work-related tests (I'm a techy so sit tests relatively frequently to keep myself relevant) ; I've got a relatively high IQ according to standardised tests, but I didn't go to University because I was too busy getting money and so I tend to consider myself "beneath" anyone that did.

I tend to look to people I consider smart/knowledgeable for answers I'm not capable of finding. My best friends are scientists, historians, technologists and writers... no human can be expert in every field, but I've found if you surround yourself with a broad selection of expertise you're never far from learning something.

The experience of learning is better than the experience of knowing.