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Topic subjecti'd contend that you prefer asses in the summer
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12735044, i'd contend that you prefer asses in the summer
Posted by MrThomas43423, Tue Feb-24-15 03:09 PM
cause if you like a warm bosom in the winter, how awesome is it when its summer and sun dresses and cleavage lines are abundant. that's when titties are at their greatest.

but...its also when asses are at their greatest. asses in the winter are in jeans and covered by long furry coats. doesn't mean they're not great, but i think titties win. asses in the summer tho...thats a whole lotta shaking and bouncing. those are beach trips. that's a lotta ass.

and i guess this is east coast biased too.

>I'm typically a hips/leg/ass man, but when the mercury drops,
>I find myself drawn to a warm bosom. Definitely found myself
>looking at titties more than normal.

it's true what they say...people are strange, when you're strangers.

not compassionate....only polite.

I am not like you at all and i cannot pretend.