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Topic subjectAnybody know anyone looking to buy a house in Bumfuck AZ?
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12735008, Anybody know anyone looking to buy a house in Bumfuck AZ?
Posted by KosherSam, Tue Feb-24-15 02:51 PM
Heading out next week to clear out my dad's place and put it on the market.

Several issues exist:

1) His development is in the middle of nowhere. He had to drive 20 minutes on the interstate to go grocery shopping.

2) The economy crashed while they were building that phase of the development, so they stopped building. His block is finished, but you go a block or two in any direction, and it's paved streets and sidewalks with no houses on the block.

3) In southern Arizona, you have to sell the house in Winter or else. Ain't nobody moving in 120 degree heat. So by the time we finish cleaning it out, we'll have like 3 weeks to sell it or else be stuck with it for at least 6 months, with me on the hook for the mortgage.

4) Looking at other listings in his neighborhood, all of them seemingly have been on the market for 6 months or more.

So basically, in order to try and move this house within the very brief time period that we have, we're gonna have to find the most comparable house, undercut their price by 10% or more, and use the agent selling that house to tell any previously interested buyers about this new listing.

After the sale goes through, I'm gonna wind up owing 5 figures on this place, smh...