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Topic subjectDown to trying to take out my Nuva ring lol
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12734910, Down to trying to take out my Nuva ring lol
Posted by ThisIs_ATruthThang, Tue Feb-24-15 02:10 PM
He said he just wanted to see it? Same dude that was telling me that he would really like a child, and we'd be excellent parents. Gave me his game plan pretty much and how'd he'd go back into stock trading to support us. How I'd be so lucky to have a child by him. 0_o

One of my exes stayed taking the condom off and onetime poked holes in one.

Others have simply asked, "If I wanted a child with you, would you have my baby?". They seem to think ill be a great mom. They're right I will be, but I still have a damn roommate! My ideas of marriage do change often but I'd like to be married before having children. My life is not together to have a kid and not worry about expenses right now.

I go through baby fever but I want better for my child more than I want the child itself.