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Topic subjectIt seems emotionally irresponsible on the surface.
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12734893, It seems emotionally irresponsible on the surface.
Posted by Kira, Tue Feb-24-15 02:01 PM
You (to the OP or anyone on this board) do realize that wanting a child and raising one are two entirely different things, right? Half on a baby sounds easy on paper. Good luck with that arrangement as the child ages. It just seems like they're doing it to fill a void and not considering the long-term ramifications of raising a child in an environment without love.

*EDIT after rereading post*

This is not a good idea. That woman becomes emotionally attached at some point as does the father. In other words, that financial arrangement becomes meaningless at some point. I know women that take this same approach to marriage and children. It works for some but doesn't work for the rest of them. Doing something because you're supposed to do it and is a good way to kill yourself and become miserable down the line. People notice this happening even if you don't notice it.