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Topic subjectLet's Celebrate Our Little Successes
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12733858, Let's Celebrate Our Little Successes
Posted by Very-Effortless, Mon Feb-23-15 12:48 PM
#1 - I finally got the state of Connecticut out of my fucking pocket. I've been living and working out of NYC but TECHNICALLY I was supposed to be working out of CT. Finally got my SVP and HR to officially transfer me out of CT so I can stop paying taxes in two states.

#2 - I finally filed all my old sent emails and all of my inbox except for about ten emails. That shit had gotten out of hand but I have re-conquered my email.

#3 - I am moving tomorrow and I was wondering how I was going to move my big items (mattress, boxspring, dresser). Friday I gave an informational interview to a young dude trying to break into the industry and within it I mentioned my need to move and he said - "You need any help? Me and my frat bros got you!" This precious child of God is going to come over with three of his frat bros and help me. Move just went from difficult to easy in the blink of an eye.

#4 - I pick up my keys tonight.

#5 - My niece and nephews were giving me 70s Italian mafia swag at family picture day Saturday: https://instagram.com/p/zXfaUESqC4/?modal=true
12733878, got a full refund when my cleaning company sent someone
Posted by Regina Rose, Mon Feb-23-15 12:59 PM
to my house and I swear I cancelled my booking for that week

My bro has wifi

Flights have dropped from 1500-900

Apt is almost done

Found another spot I'm excited about