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Topic subjectthanks for your thoughts but, insurance fraud?
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12733838, thanks for your thoughts but, insurance fraud?
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Feb-23-15 12:37 PM
i'm not sure where you're getting that from. besides, it's not my
thing to go around suing people just because, but in *this* case,
she blindly/belligerently blamed the accident on me, later to find
out, it was her fault. meanwhile, $6,000 worth of repairs to my
car and the moment this shit goes on a carfax report, it's a
goner. i'm assed out.

it's not right and i'm willing to bet you that if i was at fault,
she would go for everything that she could get. i could have
gotten really wild with it and claimed that i was injured but,
i did no such thing.


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