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Topic subjectJeb Bush has the audacity to appoint Wolfowitz as Foreign Policy adviser
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12733428, Jeb Bush has the audacity to appoint Wolfowitz as Foreign Policy adviser
Posted by Vex_id, Sun Feb-22-15 07:09 PM
Wolfowitz should be standing trial along with the other architects of The Project for a New American Century for the egregious lies which falsely led us into the war in Iraq and engaged in this Neo-Colonoliasm project that has made matters infinitely worse in the region - and incidentally - has made America weaker and less safe. What's worse is that 19 of the 21 people on his foreign policy team worked in the administrations of his father or brother.

That Wolfowitz could be navigating foreign policy under a Jeb Bush administration is an arrogant slap in the face - indicative of an obsessive agenda amongst those who will do anything (along with Netanyahu) to ensure that war in the middle-east intensifies and continues to be waged.


Paul Wolfowitz, who is advising former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a foreign-policy expert, is seeking to deflect criticism that Bush is overly influenced by figures from his father and brother's administrations by pointing out many Bush advisers' ties to former President Ronald Reagan.

In an interview airing Sunday on CNN's State of the Union, host Gloria Borger asked Wolfowitz how Bush could “be seen as his own man when the people who are advising him promoted a foreign policy that in retrospect has largely been regarded as flawed and unpopular.”

“You're painting an awfully broad brush there,” said Wolfowitz, who served as deputy defense secretary under George W. Bush and also worked under the senior Bush and Reagan. “A lot of people in that group, and actually including myself, who participated in the Reagan administration, which I think was a very successful foreign policy: Secretary Shultz, Secretary Baker—there's a pretty wide range of views there but in any case he is his own man.”

“You're painting an awfully broad brush there.”

“I think he demonstrated that quite clearly in the question-and-answer session after his speech where he obviously was very comfortable answering a whole range of questions,” Wolfowitz added. “I think he demonstrated that he knows this subject. He doesn't need a lot of coaching.”

A Washington Post graphic published last week illustrated the overlap in the Bushes' foreign-policy circles. A Jeb Bush aide provided the list as the ex-governor takes steps toward a White House bid and seeks to cut his own profile on world affairs without rejecting his family history outright. “I love my father and my brother...but I am my own man,” he said in the Chicago speech.

Five of his foreign-policy advisers worked with Reagan, six worked with his father, and 17 worked with his brother, according to the Post. The lone fresh face: Former Florida Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

12733479, George W. Bush Part Deux.. Neoncon are like zombies
Posted by neuro_OSX, Sun Feb-22-15 09:29 PM
Reagan's foreign policy ?? HAHHA yea.. he handled Iran/Contra great, biggest drug dealing President in the history of the U.S.
12733508, RE: George W. Bush Part Deux.. Neoncon are like zombies
Posted by murph71, Sun Feb-22-15 10:23 PM
>Reagan's foreign policy ?? HAHHA yea.. he handled
>Iran/Contra great, biggest drug dealing President in the
>history of the U.S.

12733512, They stick with the same plays and same team members. Not surprised.
Posted by Castro, Sun Feb-22-15 10:37 PM
12733616, He's not trying to win the election
Posted by OrangeandBlue, Mon Feb-23-15 08:23 AM
I think he's trying to be a more credible Sarah Palin party leader/king maker type.

Paid speeches and shit like that
12733669, The Audacity of Nope.
Posted by Mongo, Mon Feb-23-15 10:14 AM
12733688, Wait, are people expecting truth, honor, and virtue from the Bush family?
Posted by initiationofplato, Mon Feb-23-15 10:32 AM
What year is this?
12733709, Well what's crazy is that this is the truth.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Feb-23-15 11:08 AM
You'd think if they were saavy liars they would be hiding people like this from view.

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