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Topic subjectSmokey really told his supplier that he smoked his product though
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12733364, Smokey really told his supplier that he smoked his product though
Posted by MEAT, Sun Feb-22-15 03:17 PM
We've been doing "Black History Month Movie"

Yesterday we did Pressure Point with Sidney Portier, great cinematography, average movie. The guy that did the cinematography only lived a little while longer, but it was definitely in the period.

Followed that with The Five Heartbeats. JT was such an asshole.

After that The Wiz. I'm not NY-knowledgeable but how she live at 433 Prospect Place but had never been south of 125th street.
To quote B.Touch "man,listen...these are geographic details in a script by Joel Schumacher. Be lucky he ain't have Dorothy living on the moon."
To quote my fiance "is this whole thing a metaphor for how black people can't get a cab?"

Today I think after Friday we're queuing up The Wood or maybe some Martin Lawrence, something 90s.
12733369, big worm fronted a smoker..pretty sure he expected it
Posted by LAbeathustla, Sun Feb-22-15 03:40 PM
12733373, That's true.
Posted by MEAT, Sun Feb-22-15 03:57 PM
We've (I'VE) decided to go with "Which Way Is Up"
12733416, just like Scotty gambled on a crack-head
Posted by rdhull, Sun Feb-22-15 06:16 PM
12733431, classic
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Sun Feb-22-15 07:22 PM

New Jack City is one of my favorite movies of all time.

forcing myself to actually respond to you is like bathing in ebola virus. - Binlahab

Like there is stupid, and then there is you, and then there is dead. - VAsBestBBW

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12733380, I think I've seen new little details every time I've watched Friday
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Sun Feb-22-15 04:19 PM
The last time I watched it I noticed in the scene where Joi was cussin out Craig about being at the movies with some other chick, there was a dude laying in the bed next to her.

never noticed that before... And I can't even count the number of times I've watched Friday.

Shit made that scene even more absurd.


forcing myself to actually respond to you is like bathing in ebola virus. - Binlahab

Like there is stupid, and then there is you, and then there is dead. - VAsBestBBW

R.I.P. Disco D
12733383, I found something new today.
Posted by MEAT, Sun Feb-22-15 04:25 PM
When Smoke is trying to get with either Dana or her friend walking into the house, he starts wiggling his tongue and carries that on for like 10 seconds.
12733398, prolly watched it 10 times before I saw that dude laying there
Posted by legsdiamond, Sun Feb-22-15 05:17 PM
12733510, +1
Posted by wluv, Sun Feb-22-15 10:29 PM
12733402, what??!!...y'all never noticed that?
Posted by Anonymous, Sun Feb-22-15 05:25 PM
12733514, nope, I hadn't
Posted by Castro, Sun Feb-22-15 10:40 PM
12733565, lol how yall not notice that.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Feb-23-15 12:09 AM
12733399, how Craig gon be flat broke when he just got paid yesterday?
Posted by homer_pimpson225, Sun Feb-22-15 05:17 PM
12733417, Right? Maybe he bought the gun with it.
Posted by MEAT, Sun Feb-22-15 06:17 PM
12733720, coulda been payin rent to his folks
Posted by infin8, Mon Feb-23-15 11:19 AM
I know I tapped my son's pockets Friday. Then I sent him up the street to the neighbors to do some work. LOL
12733732, Same way I be flat broke on payday.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Feb-23-15 11:27 AM

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12733434, did he or did he not steal the boxes though?
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sun Feb-22-15 07:35 PM
12733635, i always thought i would've been nice to find that out
Posted by Calico, Mon Feb-23-15 09:19 AM
ijs...would've been a nice lil touch in the sequels
12733750, Rewatching the original made me really see how bad the sequels were
Posted by MEAT, Mon Feb-23-15 11:37 AM
12733466, We've made it to The Wood & Brown Sugar
Posted by MEAT, Sun Feb-22-15 08:58 PM
Taye Diggs is a terrible person in all movies.

Why am I supposed to be rooting for this character? He gets married out of stupidity, he makes out with his "best friend" the night before the wedding, he quits his job on the fly out of "principle", he doesn't tell his WIFE the person that he shares a home and finances with, he then tells his "best friend" who then finances him?
I love looking at movies through the lens of adulthood, because this shit is bunk.
12733678, lol the same in The Best Man as well
Posted by afropuff, Mon Feb-23-15 10:20 AM
12733739, Blacula was on last night..lol Mamawaldy
Posted by rdhull, Mon Feb-23-15 11:31 AM