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Topic subjectRE: 16 Questions with SuiteLady™
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12732404, RE: 16 Questions with SuiteLady™
Posted by LAbeathustla, Fri Feb-20-15 11:24 AM
>1. How many donuts would you estimate you have eaten in your

shit..i'm old..more than 500

>2. Are you driving too fast or flying too low?

flying real low

>3. If you could save one possession in a fire, what would it

other than human lives? my cat and a pic of my mom

>4. What has been the longest you have stay in a bad

2 yrs

>5. When moving to a new place how do you pack?

throw old shit out and pack minimally..buy a lot of new shit

>6. Which of your current life priorities could be taken off
>the list (for whatever reason)?

daily fantasy sports

>7. What is your first response to those who offend you?

usually i have to make sure they are serious with a crazy look

>8. What do you buy that is too expensive for what it is?

shrimps and raw oysters

>9. Are you the person people think you are?

prolly not

>10. How much is gas where you are?


>11. Is it important for you to work for a cause?


>12. Do intangible rewards mean more to you than money?

they might if i didnt reside is los skanless.but living here gimme that paper bcz i need it..lol

>13. Do you drink coffee?

i jus really started drinking hella coffee...bcz of my crazy schedule..

>14. Do you discipline other people’s children?

no..but i will give em the side eye look..like YOU KNOW YOU FKN UP RIGHT NOW

>15. What is your day to day diet like?

i cook dinner almost ery day...bcz i dont get a well rounded meal before then..i still try to incorporate the 4 food group thing...people still do that???

>16. What is your favorite slow jam of all time?

of all time?? thas hard ...but i'm gonna go with ..do me baby- prince
you shouldve asked for 5