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Topic subject16 Questions with SuiteLady™
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12732250, 16 Questions with SuiteLady™
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Feb-20-15 08:50 AM
1. How many donuts would you estimate you have eaten in your lifetime?
2. Are you driving too fast or flying too low?
3. If you could save one possession in a fire, what would it be?
4. What has been the longest you have stay in a bad relationship?
5. When moving to a new place how do you pack?
6. Which of your current life priorities could be taken off the list (for whatever reason)?
7. What is your first response to those who offend you?
8. What do you buy that is too expensive for what it is?
9. Are you the person people think you are?
10. How much is gas where you are?
11. Is it important for you to work for a cause?
12. Do intangible rewards mean more to you than money?
13. Do you drink coffee?
14. Do you discipline other people’s children?
15. What is your day to day diet like?
16. What is your favorite slow jam of all time?