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Topic subjectMen, are you more inclined to date women that approach you?
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12731570, Men, are you more inclined to date women that approach you?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 01:47 PM
How often are you ACTUALLY interested in the chicks that approach you?
12731576, Less likely
Posted by Wonderl33t, Thu Feb-19-15 01:49 PM
For reasons unknown, less approachable women are my type. Maybe it's the challenge.
12731577, lol @ the nerds here being approached by women.
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Feb-19-15 01:50 PM
on topic, HELL YES. i wish a cute broad would (if i was single which im not) holla @ me, oh yes boo we going to red lobster because you have balls & i like a woman w/ balls (no pause big enough for that statement)

key word in that sentenace is: CUTE.

if she a moon cricket...cue that cece peniston


does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?
12731582, depends on what they look like
Posted by MrThomas43423, Thu Feb-19-15 01:51 PM
i think that's the general rule. most guys would run with the holla if they're attracted to her. some guys would run with the holla even if they weren't.
it's true what they say...people are strange, when you're strangers.

not compassionate....only polite.

I am not like you at all and i cannot pretend.
12731587, non factor either way
Posted by ambient1, Thu Feb-19-15 01:52 PM
12731981, I'd holla
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 06:02 PM
12731590, at least one time
Posted by Riot, Thu Feb-19-15 01:54 PM
i do it for all the other brothers
and to encourage such behavior

(and she paying)
12731591, Immaterial
Posted by ThaAnthology, Thu Feb-19-15 01:54 PM
whether I step up and speak or she does, if I am attracted, I speak. If I am not I K.I.M.
12731611, Not more inclined. It all depends on if I'd be into em anyway
Posted by -DJ R-Tistic-, Thu Feb-19-15 02:09 PM
And how aggressively she comes off. A few have almost played it friendly, while some almost seem like they're spitting game at me. But most of the ones I've dated came from me approaching, even if they gave me a sign that let me know they were interested.
12731612, Almost all the women I've dated approached me, including my wife
Posted by John Forte, Thu Feb-19-15 02:10 PM
12731617, depends on looks mostly
Posted by MiracleRic, Thu Feb-19-15 02:13 PM
who approached who is completely non-issue

now if she's unattractive and she approached me...

aka...what typically happens...then yea...obviously won't date them

i always thought this was odd though...big girls used to approach me damn near regularly and I used to think it was bc they didn't get a lot of attention...but i learned later that they do...it's not always obvious attention but it's definitely there...

as hard up as some women are about men...i'm genuinely shocked most are so afraid to buck that system...i know part of it is they lack tact and fear of the duel-edged double standard...

but with all the women complaining about lack of prospects...it seems like way too few are actually out here trying to do the choosing themselves

another part of it is if women did...they'd all be hollering at the same small subset of men...which already happens...but those men tend to realize just how powerful having options is and opt out or play the game

everybody loses
12731744, Pretty much.
Posted by spades, Thu Feb-19-15 03:11 PM
12731979, yea this all makes sense
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 06:00 PM
12731982, yep
Posted by makaveli, Thu Feb-19-15 06:03 PM
12731621, hell no. that shit is mad slutty. i'm the man, I make the decisions
Posted by double negative, Thu Feb-19-15 02:15 PM

waste of a post if you ask me.
12731976, lol wat?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 05:58 PM
12733749, i assume you are suggesting something around that idea
Posted by double negative, Mon Feb-23-15 11:37 AM
12731642, Not if she looks like a muthafuckin' ughhhhhhhhh
Posted by Chanson, Thu Feb-19-15 02:25 PM
Don't even say nothing to me, girl.
12731741, Most of the women I dated approached me first
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Feb-19-15 03:09 PM
I have also had a super fine woman approach me, hell she followed me around cary town and she was pretty slutty, damaged goods.

but yeah, if all seemed fine I have no problem dating a woman who knows what she wants.

I play the shy guy roll and have light eyes.. shit's easy.

12731750, lmao
Posted by latenitemix, Thu Feb-19-15 03:14 PM
>I play the shy guy roll and have light eyes.. shit's easy.
12731895, man, i laughed out loud as hell readin' this.
Posted by Fishgrease, Thu Feb-19-15 04:37 PM
12731837, Most of the women I dated approached me first
Posted by soken, Thu Feb-19-15 04:09 PM
but it doesn't matter who approaches who
12731840, My wife approached me first, 15 years ago. Still married.
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Feb-19-15 04:10 PM
12731986, Thats whats up
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 06:05 PM
12731843, Well women approach me alot, especially after I have stolen their purse
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Thu Feb-19-15 04:11 PM
I love the chase.
12731908, lol
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Feb-19-15 04:51 PM
12731866, No. Rarely ever works out past a few days.
Posted by 8-bit, Thu Feb-19-15 04:21 PM
I think most of the women that approach me have some preconceived notion of how I am, and they are usually disappointed so the attraction just withers away.

I prefer to be the aggressor, so to speak.
12731977, why do you prefer to be the agressor?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 05:59 PM
12733346, I've gotten FAR better matches that way.
Posted by 8-bit, Sun Feb-22-15 01:34 PM
Some of the WORST "first dates" or whatever I've hd were with women that either approached me first, or had someone hook me up with them. It got to the point where I realized that if I wasn't the initiator, things would always go left. I've had women holler at me, give me their number then refuse to answer or return my FIRST phone call (this was pre-texting). Or they would just not talk. At all. One word answers, poor eye contact, etc.

I think it's because when I holler, they get to see exactly who I am without having time to build up some fairy tale in their heads about how I *might* be. I'm a little eccentric, so it matters.
12731868, yes. i'm so lazy.
Posted by illegal, Thu Feb-19-15 04:22 PM
well, was.
12731904, more. But ultimately, it would depend on whether they were my type
Posted by kayru99, Thu Feb-19-15 04:44 PM
12731905, RE: Men, are you more inclined to date women that approach you?
Posted by neuro_OSX, Thu Feb-19-15 04:47 PM
Depends on the woman, personality, conversation, looks, over all demeanor. Its intriguing to be approach by a woman for sure, where it goes from there depends on how well we hit it off and of there is physical attraction
12731906, When women approach me I always assume it's to smash,
Posted by isaaaa, Thu Feb-19-15 04:48 PM
but lately they've been wanting dates/relationships and trying to get to know me.

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12731907, i am not inclined to date the women that wanted to approach me
Posted by BigJazz, Thu Feb-19-15 04:49 PM
but she was to shy/awkward/hesitant/whatever to make a move.


after the fact she wanna talk about how into me she was


even if i like you, i now don't like you. cuz you can't commit and go after what you want...

I'm tryna be better off, not better than...
12731909, as a woman who's regularly gone for hers
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Thu Feb-19-15 04:51 PM
my success rate to date is about 70/30 my favor
12731980, Have you always been like that?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 06:02 PM
12732754, yes, even in high school
Posted by BabySoulRebel, Fri Feb-20-15 03:26 PM
If I was interested in you, you would definitely know it.
If you didn't reciprocate?
oh you ain't feeling me?
fine, it costs you nothing, pay me no mind.
Which RARELY happened.

Everyone isn't for everybody to begin with
I just accepted very early that other people had the right to reject me like I had the right to reject people for I didn't feel any attraction.

I actually expressed my interest in someone a while ago and got turned down.
Did it hurt? YES
I really did want to get to know them better but I live by the saying "you only get one good time to reject me".
Now I'm grateful they did that because I'm now interested in someone else and that possibility looks like a much better fit for me.
12731920, Always but I think I've been approached like maybe 3 times
Posted by Atillah Moor, Thu Feb-19-15 05:00 PM
it is not the norm
12731985, How does it make you feel when it does happen ?
Posted by SimplyHannah, Thu Feb-19-15 06:04 PM
12732014, never any kind of negative feeling.
Posted by Atillah Moor, Thu Feb-19-15 06:47 PM
Usually it's surprise or a small amount of disbelief.
12732020, I love it.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Feb-19-15 06:53 PM
Most of the women I've been with over the years approached me first. You have to be confident to make that approach, plus it takes the "am I harassing an uninterested girl" pressure off of me, lol.
12732023, If I ain't interested it ain't because she approached me.
Posted by IkeMoses, Thu Feb-19-15 06:55 PM
12732791, precisely.
Posted by Deadzombie, Fri Feb-20-15 03:48 PM
12732826, Yes
Posted by Deebot, Fri Feb-20-15 04:09 PM
12733415, RE: Men, are you more inclined to date women that approach you?
Posted by LEO, Sun Feb-22-15 06:12 PM
Most Definitely!

>How often are you ACTUALLY interested in the chicks that
>approach you?
12733418, I'll say yes
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Feb-22-15 06:20 PM
I like that she shows initiative, it's a little flattering, she shows herself as outgoing, we have a good chance to make a connection and it establishes a baseline level of interest that sometimes isn't there when things go the other way. I've taken a lot of girls out who basically said yes because they didn't want to say no. That always turns out to be a waste of time.

It doesn't even have to be a holler, just give me some sort of clear-ish sign rather than being standoffish with your friends or burying your nose in your phone all night. Just be a little loose, a little outgoing, show me a little interest in some subtle way.

12733699, my history shows that yes, i am.
Posted by KiloMcG, Mon Feb-23-15 10:52 AM
i was never really one to pursue/go after someone unless i knew they were feelin' me. it's pretty much how all of my relationships started.