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Topic subjectfam it's a secratary
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12731051, fam it's a secratary
Posted by imcvspl, Thu Feb-19-15 01:12 AM
person calls you. it asks may i ask who's calling. one moment while i try to locate imcvspl for you. i can choose which phones it rings me on, or on my laptop. i can say oh that's so and so just have em leave a message. i can be like who the fuck is that and screen them leaving a message. i can answer on my mobile, my home phone or my laptop and carry on a convo. they leave a message i get a text with the googlized transcript of that message. shoot them a text.

and it keeps everyone at a safe distance so i never feel like i have to answer the phone.

i got scared when they rumored to take it down, but it's still working perfectly. without it i probably wouldn't talk to people at all. lol!

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