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Topic subjectI'm inclined to agree.
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12729370, I'm inclined to agree.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Feb-17-15 04:58 PM
Which is what makes the uplifting tone of the final beat so perplexing.

Or, rather, it perplexed me upon my initial view. I thought it was pretty clear he had Stone look up in hopes of achieving pseudo-spiritual ambiguity. But since there was no ambiguity regarding the surrealism, it made the decision all the stranger to me.

I suppose if you think Riggan is a shitty artist and that he'll never do any better than that show, then it makes sense for him to want to "go out on a high note," of course... but why would his daughter be happy about it? She doesn't have motivation to be overjoyed with her dad's suicide, does she?