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Topic subjectAlabama Cop Is Arrested for Paralyzing 57-Year-Old Indian Man
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12727094, Alabama Cop Is Arrested for Paralyzing 57-Year-Old Indian Man
Posted by Binladen, Fri Feb-13-15 02:43 PM

peep the background music in the video
12727192, Caller described him as black, other than that, the cops don't even
Posted by bentagain, Fri Feb-13-15 03:27 PM
have any reason to stop him

it's too obvious at this point, but we'll keep pretending

it does beg the ?

if he was black, would the cop have been arrested?
12727229, No.
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Feb-13-15 03:50 PM
The cop would not have been arrested if this were a black man.
12727250, disgusting
Posted by astralblak, Fri Feb-13-15 04:06 PM