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Topic subjectProves a valuable lesson-- they (the majority) hate us period
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12725191, Proves a valuable lesson-- they (the majority) hate us period
Posted by Atillah Moor, Wed Feb-11-15 03:40 PM
When black people are successful and keep to our damn selves we get killed. When we act out of line we get killed. This event really helps to illustrate that the vast majority of white folks will either kill us or watch us get killed. I almost have pity for the white majority because it must take a lot of self hate to breed this kind of violence.

Why or how we have any allegiance with their system and country becomes increasingly more confusing to me. I think in the shadow of our current events it is obvious we are and will remain second class citizens. This is no place for many of us.

If reparations can even be won it should start with the property damage from white riots such as these.