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Topic subjectRunning The Negro Out Of Tulsa .....
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12725170, Running The Negro Out Of Tulsa .....
Posted by dapitts08, Wed Feb-11-15 03:24 PM
That was the title of postcards created from the images of the destruction of Black Wall Street.

My dad sent me this article today: http://sfbayview.com/2011/02/what-happened-to-black-wall-street-on-june-1-1921

He said he had never heard of Black Wall Street which made me realize their are a lot of people who have not heard of this deliberate destruction of a thriving black community.

I found the documentary on youtube that I saw 10+ years ago that opened my eyes to the story. My afternoon is now being spent re-watching it.


(note: the commentary starts around the 6 minute mark of the first video in the playlist)

I really wish they would make a big budget movie about this.