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Topic subjectBecuase the Moral of the story prevails. That's why Scarface isn't a
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12724996, Becuase the Moral of the story prevails. That's why Scarface isn't a
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Feb-11-15 01:39 PM
an icon or role model to anyone.

You describe what Hollywood intends to convey. I think there could be many unintended consequences of a movie like this.

But if the Mean Girls in the film think this girl is FAT. I think it might make some of the many girls bigger than this girl get an idea what the mean girls at their school must think of them.

>he'd be right if the woman cast in this movie had never
>played a beautiful woman in some other role.

That's assuming that the viewers in question have seen the other roles. I have seen here in maybe three things and she has always played the not cute girl (Arrested Development, Scott Pilgrim & This)

>but she has.
>and, again, the point with castings like this is for the
>audience to be able to see that the woman being called 'ugly'
>by the fools in the movie is NOT actually ugly b/c we can see
>how beautiful she is. in this movie the fools call this woman
>fat and ugly and we know she's neither b/c we can see her. we
>know their labeling of her isn't fair.

Fair ain't got nothing to do with anything. The hollywood way that this chick will have to show everyone that the mean girls were being unfair to her probably won't be an option for most girls watching this movie.

Maybe frugly girls will walk away feeling better about themselves after seeing this movie. I doubt it.

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