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Posted by lfresh, Wed Feb-11-15 12:59 PM
>he'd be right if the woman cast in this movie had never
>played a beautiful woman in some other role.
>but she has.
>and, again, the point with castings like this is for the
>audience to be able to see that the woman being called 'ugly'
>by the fools in the movie is NOT actually ugly b/c we can see
>how beautiful she is. in this movie the fools call this woman
>fat and ugly and we know she's neither b/c we can see her. we
>know their labeling of her isn't fair.


none of that matters

it might actually be worse

what matters is the effect the movie will have on the person seeing it
and no matter what people tell themselves about 'this is a movie' 'only a movie'
'its not real'
it has an effect
an effect that is multiplied by what girls are bombarded with everyday
the message of they are not good enough

hopefully hes right and the ending does the happy ending thing
odds are this movies message is really screwy

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