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Topic subjectAU nations to send 8750 troops to fight boko haram
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12722751, AU nations to send 8750 troops to fight boko haram
Posted by Riot, Mon Feb-09-15 06:49 PM
The plans call for Chad and Nigeria to contribute 3,500 troops each, while Cameroon and Niger would contribute 750 each and Benin would contribute 250. The force would be headquartered in Chad's capital, N'Djamena.


Presidential election postponed amid security concerns

Meanwhile, Nigeria has postponed next Saturday's presidential election by six weeks due to security concerns, the chairman of the electoral commission told reporters.

The election was moved to March 28.

Officials said operations against Boko Haram militants meant the military would be unable to provide adequate security for the poll.

Nigeria's military has drawn fierce criticism for failing to rein in the insurgents who control large parts of north-eastern Nigeria.