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Topic subjectAU nations to send 8750 troops to fight boko haram
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12722751, AU nations to send 8750 troops to fight boko haram
Posted by Riot, Mon Feb-09-15 06:49 PM
The plans call for Chad and Nigeria to contribute 3,500 troops each, while Cameroon and Niger would contribute 750 each and Benin would contribute 250. The force would be headquartered in Chad's capital, N'Djamena.


Presidential election postponed amid security concerns

Meanwhile, Nigeria has postponed next Saturday's presidential election by six weeks due to security concerns, the chairman of the electoral commission told reporters.

The election was moved to March 28.

Officials said operations against Boko Haram militants meant the military would be unable to provide adequate security for the poll.

Nigeria's military has drawn fierce criticism for failing to rein in the insurgents who control large parts of north-eastern Nigeria.
12722754, >>> CHad, Cameroon launch air strikes
Posted by Riot, Mon Feb-09-15 06:50 PM

Chadian aircraft have struck Boko Haram positions in the Nigerian border town of Gamboru for a second straight day, witnesses in a neighbouring town said.
Two military helicopters pounded targets in Gamboru for about two hours on Sunday, setting off loud explosions and sending thick clouds of smoke into the sky, an AFP journalist said from the town of Fotokol, about 500 metres away.
The town in northeastern Nigeria, on the border with Cameroon, was already strafed by two Chadian fighter jets on Saturday, when the air strikes began.



Viewing the widening field of Boko Haram activity a direct threat to its national interests, Chad has deployed its war-tested army to join the fight against the extremists, and has reportedly now entered Nigeria in at least two places.

N'Djamena has not yet officially confirmed its troop movement into Niger, but it is now thought Chad may be positioning its forces to be able to trap Boko Haram in pincer offensives launched simultaneously from the north and south.

In Gamboru, the offensive, which was preceded by days of Chadian air strikes, had left scenes of desolation, with bodies lying on the ground, houses destroyed, shops gutted and trucks charred.

"We have routed this band of terrorists," the commander of the Chadian contingent Ahmat Dari told AFP Tuesday, vowing to "hunt them down everywhere."

12722759, this is good news
Posted by SeV, Mon Feb-09-15 06:53 PM

but im banned tho.

Dallas Cavericks LETS GO!!
12722820, good! They need to get tuff on those guys
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Mon Feb-09-15 08:29 PM
12722844, I hope this surge works
Posted by dafriquan, Mon Feb-09-15 09:10 PM
The more Boko Haram morphed from a rebel gang to a real army, the more they exposed themselves to defeat through conventional warfare.
I hope they get pounded into oblivion and I'm glad there has been no direct involvement of US or French troops. I say "direct" because the french army has advisors on the ground as they still keep a tight grip on all their ex colonies.