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Topic subjectanecdotally, white ppl seem more likely to murder a gay.
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12722279, anecdotally, white ppl seem more likely to murder a gay.
Posted by Joe Corn Mo, Mon Feb-09-15 01:11 PM
black ppl are less likely to grab my cock as a joke at a frat party.

in practice, blacks and whites are equally uncomfortable with gays
when it's anything other than an abstraction.

Blacks will look the other way at the choir director unless
the choir director shows up to church and holds hands with his boyfriend.

Which is exactly how it goes in white churches.

Blacks and whites are equally likely to cosign some homophobic bullshit
that's said in public.

So I really can't say whites are less homophobic.
Who was marching and clutching pearls when don't as don't tell was done away with?

I might admit that sometimes white ppl's homophobia looks different.
But most of the time it's exactly the same.

I agree with sowhat.