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Topic subjectIn my experience blacks are no more or less homophobic than others.
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12722265, In my experience blacks are no more or less homophobic than others.
Posted by SoWhat, Mon Feb-09-15 12:59 PM
However it's defined.

I've mostly heard the line about blacks being more homophobic from ppl who don't know blacks - and there's often a racist undertone. Usually it's explained by pointing out that blacks are allegedly more Xtian. But, again, the ppl saying this don't know blacks. They're guessing from the outside using old stereotypes. And then some of us buy into the idea bc to us 'gay' is branded as white. As if white ppl accept homosexuality more than others. And that's not true either. One of the reason gay whites formed their own neighborhoods is bc they were ostracized from their other communities. That doesn't happen as often with blacks or other non-whites so we don't have as many seperate communities. And if our churches are the reason blacks are so phobic then why do so many churches have gays in prominent positions like choir director of soloist? At least that's the stereotype. And I don't know the same to be true of white folks and their churches.

I don't buy into the idea that we're more homophobic. It's hurtful to blacks and lets white ppl off the hook for their homophobia.