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Topic subjectblack ppl & money: tax refund edition
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12720163, black ppl & money: tax refund edition
Posted by Binlahab, Fri Feb-06-15 05:44 AM
now i know this may happen to OTHER ethnicities or cultures

but im not talking abt them right now. im talking abt US.

im seeing the lil before/after taxes vines & memes & thats really cute & LOL worthy (not) because its based on some real shit.

ie people get a tax refund &
a) go nuts
b) think thats good

ok...i love yall. i swear i love my people like i love weed

(sidebar: i have never used or taken or in ANY way abused ANY illegal narcotic or substance ever in life, dont know shit abt it or anything else this is for internet purposes ONLY)

but PLEASE please please PLEASE stop this.

unless you got kids or pay a mortgage (for that good mortgage deduction)

you SHOULDN'T be getting a damn tax refund! That means you gave the govt a interest free loan for the whole previous year! they aint GIVING you any money! they are repaying what you gave THEM!

and instead of saving that...or investing it or in SOME way making it work for you

if you spend it on bullshit...

*shakes fist in anger & impotence @ the sky*



recongifure your lil W2 or whatever & get your taxes straight throughout the year. the optimal goal is when its tax time...you dont owe them...they dont owe you. everybody is straight.


please stop doing this.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?