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Topic subjectThings to do in Sao Paollo
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12719775, Things to do in Sao Paollo
Posted by woe.is.me., Thu Feb-05-15 03:16 PM
(non THOT related things, I mean).

Any suggestions?
I'm really into samba / bossonova, so I'd love to hear about that.
also, just generally want to get a feel for the culture.
12719784, man I would try to tap into some capoeira or BJJ demos for the public
Posted by T Reynolds, Thu Feb-05-15 03:19 PM
12719787, sit on the beach, watch the scene & thank god youre alive nm
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Feb-05-15 03:19 PM

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing? - Corey
12719789, Ha! ^
Posted by initiationofplato, Thu Feb-05-15 03:20 PM
Good advise.
12719794, ^^^ this is me
Posted by PoppaGeorge, Thu Feb-05-15 03:21 PM


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12719811, sao paulo doesn't have a beach....
Posted by southphillyman, Thu Feb-05-15 03:28 PM
assuming he means the city and not the state
if i went i'd take some time to peep the japanese culture in that city
12719791, I would eat mad delicious fruits and buy a street urchin
Posted by John Forte, Thu Feb-05-15 03:20 PM
12719828, Oh
Posted by Chanson, Thu Feb-05-15 03:36 PM
>(non THOT related things, I mean).