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Topic subjectShould Siblings be able to marry? The Slippery slope of "Happiness"
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12717125, Should Siblings be able to marry? The Slippery slope of "Happiness"
Posted by Case_One, Tue Feb-03-15 01:00 PM
It seems that our Western American culture is on the ultra-fast pace to really becoming an "Anything Goes" society. I've hear people say this "If you like it, I love it", "Whatever makes them happy, makes me happy" and "If it makes them happy then good for them."

But come on, are we really ready to sip that bowl of soup on all cultural things?

LOVE. See people often use the word 'love' to justify this "whatever makes people happy" kind of logic. If they love it, I like it." And then we add, "It's not my place to judge" or "It's their business."

Well are we (Western American culture) really ready to accept marriage between siblings (regardless of gender) just because they LOVE each other and it makes them Happy?

Yes or no? And why?

Add on as you please.

Oh, and birth defects don't have to be an issue on the table, especially if adoption and surrogate pregnancies are options. Plus two sibling of the same gender won't have to worry about birth issues.

"Today is your day to have a better life -- it's your right."