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Topic subjectParents: Your kids first direct exposure to racism. WWYD.
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12716721, Parents: Your kids first direct exposure to racism. WWYD.
Posted by double negative, Tue Feb-03-15 09:15 AM
I have a friend from school who after graduating from college immediately bounced to Thailand. While there she a meet a Cambodian cat and they ended up making a baby. Fast forward a few years later and shes back in the states living her life.

So imagine a big brown eyed, brown skinned, brown haired girl. Lets call her Jasmine. Since day one Jasmine has always been a rough and tumble tomboy princess. She loves to play in the dirt while being dressed as a princess. She is a cute wild animal person.

So, about two weeks ago her mother posted on FB the following interaction with Jasmine:

This afternoon, as I was putting Jasmine's hair up for ballet class, she looked in the mirror and said "but I can never be beautiful".
I asked her why she would think that and she shook her head sadly and said "I just can't. My skin is too dark"
... I finally asked her, "Did someone say that to you?"
She nodded, yes and told me the name of a girl who went to preschool with her this fall.
A new girl, an older girl, who had caused a massive amount of friction between three 3-4 y.o. friends who were way too young to be expected to "work things out".

As a parent how to you begin to even address something like that? I wonder if its possible to pull a seed like that out of a persons head once its planted.