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Topic subjectAny painters/artists/etc here?
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12715307, Any painters/artists/etc here?
Posted by OrangeandBlue, Sun Feb-01-15 01:59 PM
Do you sell your work?

If so show your work
12715325, im a designer by trade, but i just finished my first painting in 11 years or so
Posted by fontgangsta, Sun Feb-01-15 02:54 PM
in school i did painting & design pretty equally
but once i graduated i focused entirely on design
finally got the urge to paint again a year or so ago, so i puttered around on this new piece ever since - just finished it a couple weeks ago
ive refused to post it online or on social media though - its a pretty intensely personal mixed media piece and theres just too much going on in it (technically and content wise) that you cant see if not in person
also i put WAY too much into it for it to be glanced at and "liked" in passing on my instagram or FB feed. fuck that.

oh to answer your question, no, i dont sell my work.
i mean, if someone wanted to pay for it, i wouldnt have a problem with it
but im not putting any effort into making that happen.
its really about the DOING for me. im actually kind of at a loss for what to do with this thing now, but i want to get it out of the way so i can start on something new.
12715340, yup
Posted by astralblak, Sun Feb-01-15 03:42 PM
12715348, placeholder for later
Posted by Adwhizz, Sun Feb-01-15 04:29 PM
In addition to my (now defunct) fetish company I also dabble in a good deal of photo/computer aided art, I'll post some shit when I get home
12715361, yep day job illustrator/animator at night painter
Posted by boyd, Sun Feb-01-15 05:44 PM
working on a show 5+ years in the making