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Topic subjectI propose a new Mt. Rushmore
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12715199, I propose a new Mt. Rushmore
Posted by Lil Rabies, Sat Jan-31-15 11:27 PM
With Reagan, Dubya, Clinton, and Obama. These are the two termers who, good or bad, steered the ship safely in this modern era. That's fair right? Having two for each team.
12715202, im good with not carving up another mountain
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Sat Jan-31-15 11:53 PM
satisfy our american ego

i think im supposed to put (c) TOKP but seriously... lets not carve up any more mountains
12715203, Billy_Madison_Principal_Response.mp4
Posted by KosherSam, Sat Jan-31-15 11:58 PM
12715220, is that bikini painted on to her?
Posted by guru0509, Sun Feb-01-15 01:13 AM