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Topic subjectgoooooood morning okp!
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12714923, goooooood morning okp!
Posted by ALmighty44, Sat Jan-31-15 10:44 AM
so i heard we need a group hug around here, yeah? c'mon...let's hug it out and high five each other too

i haven't felt this good in a long time. to be able to wake up and look at my saturday and think "i don't shit to do today!" that constant on-the-go life will have your batteries blinking in the red every day. i want to do everything and nothing at the same time. it's exciting! i feel like scotty when he beamed 3 people from 2 different places onto 1 pod before.

anyway...today's agenda: haircut, gym time, homework, internet perusing, food run. yeah so that's my day in a nut shell. what's on tap for your weekend day? how ya mama an' nem? kids on the honor roll? car running good? house a little drafty? found a new brand of coffee? come and talk about it. or just click reply and say "good morning!". or not. or just say "AL take your happy, over slept ass on somewhere!" at which point i'll DMX bark at my screen and move along :-)