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Topic subjectMy Grandpa has Viagra
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12713181, My Grandpa has Viagra
Posted by TR808, Thu Jan-29-15 04:52 PM
1. What doctor in his right mind would prescribe Viagra to an 80 year old man...


2. How does this conversation come about?


3. Why Grandpa... just... why....


4. Do you think he gonna miss the 5 pills I took?

12713197, GPa to Dr..'I'm bout that action, Boss'
Posted by murderbear, Thu Jan-29-15 05:09 PM
12713200, maaaaaaan, wtf?!
Posted by infin8, Thu Jan-29-15 05:13 PM
who he plannin' on knockin' down?!

is it involuntary manslaughter if the woman he's with expires?

LOL @ the 5 pills.
12713295, I've done the same to my grandpa.
Posted by kingjerm78, Thu Jan-29-15 07:59 PM
12713396, man...you better watch that shit. old people always know when...
Posted by placee_22, Thu Jan-29-15 09:41 PM
some of their shit's missing. lol
12713401, good for him.
Posted by KiloMcG, Thu Jan-29-15 09:44 PM
i hope to still be gettin' it in by any means necessary at that age myself.