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Topic subjectGo for a walk around the block.
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12712500, Go for a walk around the block.
Posted by TheAlbionist, Thu Jan-29-15 10:11 AM
Most important thing is to shift your perspective... there are very few things that are worth putting yourself in a bad mood for. Occasionally you need to take a step back so you can see your own over-reaction for what it was.

>Happens in the middle of the work day?
>I had a bit of an upsetting conversation midday. It wasn't
>that upsetting but he didn't get back to me which was
>upsetting. I just realized he tried calling me but I was on a
>phone call and didn't even get a ring from his call. But I
>was so upset for a few hours, I couldn't get any work done.
>There's a 7 hour time difference so there was a small window
>to speak and it closed without the issue being resolved.
>I could work but I realized I was fucking up and so called it
>quits, just did the minimum and called it a day. I didn't
>want to ship a package to Germany that should have gone to
>Indiana or do something similarly dumb. Sometimes I won't
>leave my house if I'm in a bad mood or preoccupied with
>something bc driving distracted scares the crap out of me.
>Anyway, how do you clear your mind and focus when you're