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Topic subjectrandumb confession: bizarrokayplayer
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12710580, randumb confession: bizarrokayplayer
Posted by Selah, Tue Jan-27-15 01:56 PM
there is a cat on here

everything i am/do/think/like/dislike they are my polar opposite

once upon a time i was vexed, now i am comically fascinated

i've learned to, not respect the power of love, but my own limitations relative to reading their thoughts (aka that bul***t they be typing).

i know when it's innocuous enough to "bother" with (for the confirmation of it all), and i know when it's just gonna rub me wrong

....and why do that to myself, nahmeen?

often times I'm wrong though and just have to update the list of yellow-tape subjects

anyway, back to work

*turns knob on consciousness stream*

12710717, go to him.
Posted by illegal, Tue Jan-27-15 03:29 PM
12710723, Sounds like passion to me.
Posted by Monkey Genius, Tue Jan-27-15 03:34 PM